Slab Mug 2010- Untitled - This was the first project I made in ceramics. It consisted of a slab mug and handle.
This project let us experiment with different textures and tools. There are five different textures on
each of the five letters.




Coil project 2010 - untitled- This project was to get us familiar with using coils. It stands over ten inches tall and contains five different uses of coils.

Slab Box 2010-untitled- This box was made entirely of slabs. However, instead of making a four-sided box,
I decided to make a box with six sides. I also decided to use paint in place of glaze to give to box
a brighter appearance.

Cylinders 2010- untitled - The purpose of this project was to get us familiar with the wheel and different glaze colors.
The back two cylinders have a design carved onto them and the front has a face carved on it.
First wheel bowl 2010- untitled - This was the mini project with the cylinders. For my first bowl, I thought it was pretty good.
However, I wish I would have removed it from the bat more carefully to make a cleaner line on the bottom.


Wheel bowl 2010- untitled- This was my second bowl made on the wheel. It is a relatively light weight and easy to make.
If I were to make this again I would have dipped the bowl into the metallic green glaze multiple times to
enhance the color.

Mug 2010- untitled- This bowl was made on the wheel and needed to have an advanced shape. The handle was pulled.
This was a difficult task because the clay was not in the right condition. It was hard to pull and kept cracking.
However, eventually I constructed one.

Carved Mug 2010 - untitled - This mug was also created with the use of the wheel. It was carved using a wire tool and slight
rotation of the wheel. A pulled handle was also attached to this mug.


Slab Bowl 2010- untitled- This bowl was created using slabs. Under-glaze was used to paint a design on it and give it the bright color.
After it was fired, clear glaze was then used to cover it. If I were to make this again I would have used more layers of Irish
Green under-glaze to eliminate the paintbrush lines.

Mini Slab Bowl 2010- untitled- This bowl was also made of slabs, but placed into a smaller form. White and metallic green glaze were
used to finish this project.


Final Project 2010- untitled- This project brought together all of the elements practiced through the smaller projects into one piece.
Slabs, coils, red slip, handles, and glaze were all used to complete this project. The bottom bowl is made out of a
slabs and coils covered with red slip were used to construct the top. Two pulled handles were added to the sides. To
finish the piece, it was covered with white and clear glaze. In my opinion, to improve the project I could have put a thicker
layer of red slip on to cover it more evenly.